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Name so sweet, you can’t wait to eat? We at Exclusive Hemp have one-upped the cookie competition with our Girl Scout Cookie CBD Flower. Known to deliver relaxation, without making you feel heavy, this delectable dessert strain will leave your mouth watering after every hit. Don’t be fooled by its sweetness, this strain is predominantly potent, and can potentially lead to a sedative high. In contrast, with the taste of sweet chocolate, sugar, citrus, and earthy aromas, this strain can also provide you with energy and creativity and is highly recommended to be enjoyed with the company of others. So why not share a cookie? 

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With a strain that’s just as appealing to the eyes as it is the palate, Girl Scout Cookies is a match made in heaven. With an Indica-dominant heritage, this hybrid cross between OG Kush, and Durban Poison guarantees the best of both worlds. With a high that starts off in the head, and makes its way down the body, the Girl Scout Cookie flower delivers extended feelings of relaxation. This strain is visually unique, with its mango-orange hairs entangled with purple-hued buds. Girl Scout Cookies has been said to truly embody the flavor of baked goods, with hints of brown sugar, spices like nutmeg, chocolate, and mint.


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